My First Post

I won't attempt to catch you up on my life so far as that would be a long, somewhat boring, story. I'm not sure how much to say in this first post of mine, I think I'll keep it simple so I have more stuff to write about on my boring days! I'll also warn you that I really am not that great of a writer. I'm hoping to get better so bare with me as I try.

I'll be 29 on February 25. I'm not one of those women who fears getting older, age is just a number. I have people who ask if it's scary being so close to 30-well, no. What's so scary about 30? I have other things to worry about besides getting older.

I'm married to a pretty good guy named Garry. We were married on a gorgeous summer day in July 2002. It had been extremely windy that whole week and the morning of my wedding was no different, but just before we came out the door to get into the horse drawn carriage the wind died right down and we were left with a nice relaxing breeze.

We now have three gorgeous children together, and my husband has 2 sons from past relationships. Our first son Cooper was born August 28, 2004. It was the happiest moment of my life. I had 2 heartbreaking miscarriages before that and even tho my pregnancy was pretty much perfect, every day was just so awful waiting for something to go wrong. I think only someone who has felt the loss of a pregnancy knows what I'm talking about. But everything was fine and I had a healthy baby boy born 3 weeks early.

A couple days before Cooper's first birthday I found out I was pregnant again. Filled with that same wonderful yet terrifying feeling I broke the news to Garry as he was tucking me into bed that nite. He was blown away, not expecting it at all. The next day I started spotting a little and on Cooper's birthday I was bleeding. I spend that day during his party putting on a smile and trying to have a great time all the while thinking for sure I was losing his baby brother or sister on his birthday. The next day the bleeding stopped, I went to the dr a few days later to find out what was going on and found out my numbers were going up as they should be so everything seemed fine.

Again I had to deal with every day as it came, hoping for the best and that is what I got. I had an early ultrasound done around 14 weeks becuz I was measuring big. That day we found out we were blessed with TWINS!! It was the most amazing news but also made things a little more tense as now there are more worries with 2 babies growing inside. My mind was put at ease with each dr's appointment having my dr tell me I was the best pregnant twin mom he's had! I also got to have an ultrasound once a month and that was great. Nothing beats seeing your babies move and seeing their little hearts beating away perfectly. They were born April 14, 2006 at 37 weeks-just like their big brother. I actually had to be induced becuz they seemed pretty cozy in there and weren't making an appearance on their own. They were perfect as well. My second son Ryder was born first, and my one and only little girl Jorja was born 15 minutes later.

Cooper is now 2 and a half, and the babies are 9 months-crawling and pulling themselves up on everything. It makes for interesting days and sometimes very long nites, but they are all miracles to me and I wouldn't want it any other way.
(Sorry about the crappy quality of some of the pics, I'll more at some point)


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