Single moms ROCK!

My husband and I moved to a new town at the end of September 2006. He got a new job and it requires him to work 3 afternoon/evening shifts out of his 5 shifts a week. At first I thought "This is going to be great!", I was very excited that he would be home with me most of the day more often. Well it didn't take me long to realize that putting three kids to bed myself is very difficult-especially with twins that both still want to be cuddled with a bottle at the same time.
It's really made me think of the women I know that are doing this on their own-all day, every day, no break. Those moms amaze me becuz I really think if it was me I would break. Altho I guess once you're in that situation you find a way to fight thru it. You can't just lay down and "break", you've got children to take care of.
I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge the single moms that do this alone day in and day out, stay strong. You're my inspiration.


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