Trying to Decide

There's something that I've been thinking of writing about for a couple days now, but I couldn't decide if I was going to or not. It's nothing controversial; no one will rush to their email to forward my blog to everyone they know becuz of the awful, or clever, or interesting, or awe-inspiring thing that they've read. Lets face it, I've only been writing for a week or so and I've only written 2 posts so how many people are going to read it-not many, so here it goes.
Well, I've got my period (don't worry ladies, I won't write anything gross-men, men? where did you go?), and day 2 is always the worst for me. I get up in the morning and open up an Always pad, and for some reason this is the first time I notice that their slogan is on sticker cover-"Have a happy period." I don't know why I'd never seen it before and I don't know why I had to see it on THAT day. It actually made me angry! I know, how absurd does that sound? Angry over a slogan? All I could think was, "Here I am-tired, worn out, bad cramps, my back in so much pain I don't even want to move!" and they have the nerve to 'tell' me to "Have a HAPPY period"?????? Are you kidding me??????? Pathetically it bothered me for the rest of day. Every time I went to bathroom and looked at that package I wanted to call them up and tell them to write a new slogan. I'm over it now. (even tho I still think they need a new slogan)


Veronika said…
Are you thinking of getting pregnant again??
Busy Momma said…
No (probly not). My husband is definately done having kids but I still consider maybe having another one once these kids are in school. I think it would take a lot to talk Garry into it tho!

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