We Always Come 'Back Together'

Like most husband and wives, Garry and I have our share of fights. Some are big, some are small, about everything and anything. Having three young children usually keeps us focused on things other than each other, especially with a 2 year old that won't sleep thru the nite and needs someone in bed with him-that someone ends up being Garry. That's just something we've gotten used to becuz neither one of us have the energy to try and change it right now.
At times I feel very disconnected from Garry. We do the laundry, feed the kids, do the dishes, change the kids, tidy up, play with the kids...where's that 'us' time that all couples need. I'm sure most couples out there with children feel this at some point-whether it be frequently or just every now and then. Living so far away from family now we don't even have someone to drop the kids off for a couple hours to just go have dinner or see a movie, so I think since moving here we've slightly drifted away from each other more than usual.
Garry works 3 nites a week, starting between 3-4pm and getting home between between 11pm-12midnite. It's nice to have him home during the day but it does make my evenings a little harder and very lonely. Well today was like every other day...we brought the kids downstairs, fed them, ate ourselves and did our own thing while the kids played. We had a small fight about how he always makes me 'the bad guy' which he forgot about almost right away.
A little while later he had some music on and I was dancing with the kids for a little while. I took a break and played on the computer for a few minutes, then Garry put a song on and came over to me, took my hand and pulled me up to dance. The song was "Have A Little Faith In Me" (don't know who sings it) and it just got to me. As we held each other and danced I started to cry-I just couldn't help it. It was very emotional and Garry started to cry as well (don't hate me for sharing that honey). I think it just got to us becuz we don't get those moments often and it just reaffirms that we DO love each other even tho we rarely show it now-a-days. We held each other, barely moving to the music, just loving the moment and taking it all in as much as we could. It really brought us back together again. As far apart as we get sometimes we always seem to find those moments somehow.


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