I hate to fight with my husband, I'm sure all women do. What bothers me the most is that these fights are totally avoidable. Why can't a grown man just realize (after 7 years) that picking up the damn phone will save a huge fight!
Garry went to dinner with a friend last nite and said he wouldn't be late. Well he ended up coming home at 1am, and unfortunately it wasn't a great nite for the kids so that just added to my frustration of him not being home. My 2 year old is daddy's boy and when he woke up at midnite and daddy wasn't home he very upset and his crying woke up one of the babies. I finally got both of them back to sleep and it was close to 1am. I was trying to ignore my anger and go back to sleep when I heard him come and I just had to go downstairs and vent my feelings. We quietly had it out until Cooper heard daddy and came downstairs.
The worst part of it to me is when he says he's sorry. It sounds completely insincere and how can he mean it? He made the choice to stay out so how can he be sorry about? All he feels is sorry that I'm coming down on him for it.


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