Long Couple Days

I was supposed to go out Friday for my birthday but ended up staying home. Garry was out late Saturday leaving me with a crabby boy who wanted his daddy from 11:30pm until 1am. Sunday nite Ryder was sick. Yesterday Jorja was sick. Last Jorja had a fever most of the nite and did not sleep well, just wanted cuddles. I got a soar throat last nite, and then pulled something in back around 4am and I'm in major pain if I move the wrong way-makes holding the kids very tricky.
Ryder is currently having a good nap, should be up soon. Jorja seems to have settled a bit and is playing with her big brother. Garry's gone to hockey, then grocery shopping, then work-so should be a long day/nite for me again. Hopefully the kids will be ok and sleep better.


Veronika said…
Happy belated birthday! Thank you for leaving the comments on our blog.

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