I love movies. I'm watching previews for movies that are coming on our movie channel next month and just seeing the previews for certain movies make my heart beat faster. It's amazing that movies can stir such emotion in a person-happiness, sadness, fear, etc. Movies that I've seen before, almost crying just watching the advertisement becuz I can already feel the emotions of the movie-reliving it as I watch the 2 minute preview, knowing what happens, how it ends, and the tears that will come in those last few minutes.

The movies: The Lake House and Click

The Lake House: I'm so in love with this movie. I love that the concept is different from every other romantic drama/comedy. Knowing I should have seen the end coming but I got so wrapped up in the movie itself that I forgot about the first part (same thing happened when I watched Moulin Rouge too). Then holding my breath, hoping this movie ended "the right way", at least in my mine, becuz if it didn't I would be so disappointed to have to add it to my "I break down and sob every time I watch it but I always watch it again" collection (City of Angels is in this catagory).

Click: Amazing. Obviously funny with Adam Sandler but it was the unexpected heart felt ending that made me really like this movie. Can't wait to see it again.


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