My friend Stephanie had an interesting thing on her blog today-http://stephanies.blog.com/ Please see her blog to see her points as they are written much neater than mine will b:e cuz I plan on just going on a rant. This is an email she got and this is what has me annoyed

"I am convinced that my children are out to destroy every piece of electronic equipment that I own. It all started 1 ½ years ago when my 3 year old dropped an 8 pound medicine ball on the laptop, shattering the screen. She shoved numerous DVDs into the 5 disc CD/DVD player, causing it lose all function except for the radio, which got poor reception. Monsters, Inc. was missing for months. One day it magically popped out of that DVD player! She pulled the 36 inch TV out of the entertainment center and was fortunate to avoid being squashed as it crashed to the floor. She spilled a Slurpee on my cell phone and destroyed the LCD display. My 2 year old yanked the tray out of our next DVD player. He colored a keyboard with a green Sharpie marker. He pulled the button and the tip off of the Stylus Pen and dropped it in a bottle of water. And we suspect that our 18 year old slammed the laptop (with a new $800 screen) shut and shattered it but he insists that it wasn’t him and no one will confess. It has been an expensive year and a half!"

Now all you mothers out there know that some of this stuff just happens. The pens-it seems like pens are magnetic to kids, you think you've picked them all up and 5 minutes later your child has another one! So I can see that. Many of these I can understand but I think most of us don't have ALL of them happen to us-am I wrong? Am I overly cautious? I mean, I know I am, but really?
I've had my toddler draw on books that he shouldn't have, and there was just an xbox game that got broken becuz he took down off the shelf to look at the book and I think the baby ended up chewing on it. So I've been there, I know that things sometimes happen. But a medicine ball on a laptop? Seriously?!? Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous?!?!
It wasn't said what the nature of the email was. Part of me wonders if it was an electronic company trying to show why you should buy the protection programs when you buy your electronics-trying to scare you until getting it. At least you kinda hope that's what it is!


The nature of the email was scrapbooking mother's day cards... yeah it didn't make sense to me eather. HA HA!
Busy Momma said…
Scrapbooking mother's day cards?? ya, what does that have to do with mother's day?!

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