Help a litte boy

Looking around on facebook I found a site for this sweet little boy. He has cancer and his wish is to receive 350 million cards before his birthday at the end of May. I don't know why, something about his story has made me sit at my computer for the past hour or so putting out his website everywhere I can think of. Messege boards, email, talk shows...hopefully the word will spread and his wish will come true.
Here is the site I know I don't have a lot of people checking out my blog, so maybe if you are reading this you can put it in your blog too, and/or email it out to all you know. All it takes is a stamp and a peice of paper made into a simple card to help his dream come true.
Please think about it.


D said…
I already have my card in the mail!
D said…
You have been tagged!

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