First Day of Pre School!

I was so proud of my big boy today. Today, Thursday September 6 2007, Cooper went to his first day of pre school! He's been excited since meeting his teacher about a week ago but I wasn't sure how he would actually do when it was time for us to leave. He timidly walked into the classroom, clinging to Daddy's hand. His teacher Christina came over and took him to his cubby to put away his hat. Cooper came back in and took Daddy's hand again and Daddy took him over to some toys. After a couple minutes Cooper was busy playing and exploring the room and all it had to offer. The twins even got to have a little play while Cooper was getting used to his new surroundings. After about 20 minutes we could see that Cooper was going to do just fine and decided to leave him on his own and take the twins for a walk. I was so proud to be able to walk out of the room and have him be ok, no crying or whining or wanting to go home. I think he was too busy playing to realize that we had actually left! While it's a little sad to see my baby growing up, getting bigger and more independent every day, I'm so excited that he did so well.
He's looking forward to going again and I must say I'm quite happy that I will have a little bit a break. I also found out that there is a toddler play group at the same building and same time as he's at school on Tuesdays, so I think I'll take the twins to that and give them play time with other kids as well.
My babies are growing up!!

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