Friday's Film-Transformers

I was trying think of something I could do as a weekly theme, once or twice a week. My husband Garry has Thursday and Fridays off so a lot times we rent movies on Thursday nites, so I figured I'd write about them on Friday. I will say right now that I can guarantee that 99% of the time these movies will not be new-some may be down right old!! But I love movies so I thought that writing about them would be fun. Now on to this weeks movie...


This is a movie that I wasn't overly excited to see but I do like Shia LaBeouf (read more about him here: ). I was pleasantly surprised by this movie I must say. For a movie about robot transformers from outter space it was quite interesting, , full of action, very funny and the effects were great. My favorite part was the comedy-very well done. I would recomment this movie if you like action and advention, or just want something to watch that you don't have to have to concentrate too much on.


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