How the week has flown by...

Wow! The past week really went by quickly. I knew I hadn't written in a couple days but I didn't realize it had been a week. Some of G's family were here last Thursday to Saturday, it was really nice to have visitors. Cooper got to have fun with his cousin who is about a year and half older than him-they really had a blast together. And he got to see his Nana and his Aunty P and Aunty K. They all had had so much fun just being together. Aunty P lives a little further away so we don't get to see her as much as we'd like so it was really great having that time together. Saying good-bye was hard. Coop is very emotional and he does not like good-bye's. He won't do them. When he knows it's a final bye for a while he doesn't want to give hugs or kisses, doesn't even like to wave-just wants to cuddle up with mom or dad. Poor kid, I know how he feels, I don't like saying good bye either.

Now onto sleeping, or not sleeping as the case may be. It seems every time I pull up this blog someone starts crying. Right now, it's Ryder. I'm trying to ignore him becuz the more I go up to put him back to sleep, the more he seems to wake up. The hard part is waiting and hoping that he doesn't wake up his sister who is "lucky" enough to share a room with him (thankfully she's a deep sleeper!!). Or worse, hoping he doesn't wake up Cooper who doesn't sleep well anyway without Ryder crying and hollering for mama. And oh how heart breaking it feels some nites to listen to his voice stain to keep calling for me, screaming for me.
Oh sweet boy just go back to sleep.


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