Working Out

I'm trying to lose weight, not just to be thinner but to be more healthy. Keeping up with three toddlers isn't the easiest thing to do so why not make it easier by actually being able to run around for longer than 30 seconds before I'm out of breath!!

I've done well, gotten on my glider 2 nites in a row which is a big deal for me. What makes it hard is the last thing I want to do after getting the kids to bed is excercise, plus they don't sleep well so some nites I'm running up and down the stairs every 30 minutes to calm somebody down. It's so frustrating to get into a rhythm and have to stop, go upstairs, put a child back to sleep, come back down and feel like I'm starting all over again.

Maybe writing will help me feel like I've got to excercise, like somehow now that I've shared it I've just got to do it. We'll see.


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