A Loooooong 5 Days

I took the kids to visit my parents last Wednesday. It's a three and a half hour drive and I must say they did very well. We had a good time but Cooper and I both had a cough and were very stuffed up by the time we got their Wednesday afternoon. We were busy, did a lot of running around and tried to get in visiting when we could.
Cooper doesn't sleep well so my daddy was nice enough to sleep on the couch and let him and I sleep in bed with my mom, and then Ryder wasn't sleeping well either so he ended up in bed with us too. It was a crowded couple nites and the only ones who got a good sleep were the kids-of course.
We planned to stay until Monday but by Sunday afternoon the kids were all crabby so I decided it was time to come home.
I had a couple different blog topics running thru my head this weekend but right now they have disappeared. The only thing stuck in my head is an awful sight from the drive home Sunday nite.

We left my parents house at 6pm, kind of a crappy time being an hour before bedtime but the kids were so crabby that I just couldn't drag out that last hour so we left. We would have left earlier but we all had to eat and pack the car up so that didn't happen either. The roads weren't busy which was really nice, I just put on my cruise control, sipped my coffee (thanx to my birthday money from my wonderful Nana) and listened to my music.
The main high way goes thru a city so you have to slow right down to 50 (km/h) which woke up Ryder and he wasn't liking the street light so he cried for a little while and was whiny and crying off and on for the next 45 minutes to an hour. He had finally stopped making noise when I seen flashing police lights ahead. I just figured they had pulled someone over for speeding-every time I've passed that area lately there's been cops there. As I got closer I noticed there was a cop on the road with a red wand light that they use to direct traffic and I was hoping I wasn't going to have to stop and have Ryder wake up again. I did have to slow right down, the whole time hoping Ryder would stay quiet, then I realized I was being directed into the opposite lane of traffic and could see the reason-accident. First let me say that I'm a very emotional person, I'm sure I've mentioned this before. So when I looked over to see why I was being sent into the oncoming lane I see a car, a truck had run into it. Draped over the car, was a blanket. Just typing about it has me choked up, all I could think of was what the blanket represented. Someone wasn't going home to their family. Someone out there won't see their mother or father, or brother or sister, or son or daughter.
What if I had left earlier like I wanted to, would that have been us? I push those thoughts out of my head. I was a wreck for the rest of the drive home. Usually I have to have the cruise control so I don't speed, after that I could barely go over 80. I shed a few tears, calmed down and got us home.
I just hope that image leaves my head soon, I'm glad it was only a blanket I seen but I still can't get over that sight yet.


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