Welcome Home

Just after I wrote my last post, I was relaxing and playing on the computer. G had gone to hockey the nite I got home, I figured since he let me take off for 2 days I could be ok with him going to a nite of hockey. At 10:22pm the phone rang and thought it would be him asking to go out for a beer with the guys-nope, it was my mom cuz I forgot to call her when I got home.
Then at 10:45pm the phone rings again, this time I'm thinking for sure it's G calling to tell me he's going for a beer-wrong again, this time it's worse. It's his co worker telling me he's being taken to the hospital with a broken nose and possibly a broken rib and concussion! Well needless to say I flip out a little. I'm stuck at home cuz I've got no one to be here with the kids, so all I can think is worst case senario. The girl that's taking him to the hospital calls cuz they are stopping at the house to get his care card which he of course left at home-how smart. He had towel up to his face to catch blood pouring from his nose so I didn't really get to see him.
About an hour later his friend brought him home. Amazingly he had nothing broken at all and no concussion. He was quite soar-obviously, but is doing much better.
I hate those kind of "exciting" nites!


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