Writer's Block

So it seems every time I sit down to write here I have no idea what to say. During the day I have so many thing, I'm always thinking "hey I could write about that", then the time comes and...nothing. I'm not a great writer so maybe that puts me off a litte, I don't know.

I'm a mom, I don't do much during the day that I feel most people want to read about. Why would someone want to read about the horrible or even great day I had with my kids. I guess this is supposed to be more about me anyway, writing about what I want not what people might want to read about. A place to let things out for myself. Well tonite I guess that would be my patience/temper. I'm really trying to stop and calm myself before dealing with the kids, I have a bad habit of just snapping and yelling. I don't like doing that, and of course it doesn't work-doesn't help matters any. Just taking it one day at a time, try to keep my cool and stay calm.


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