For Tricia

So I believe I've mentioned Nate's blog here . A beautiful blog about a husband trying to get the word out about CF, organ transplants and premature birth. He writes wonderfully and I love keeping up with their great story.

Well a mommy blogger ( ) had a great idea of writing out some of the things that Tricia has to look forward to when she is well and can care for her baby girl.

So I just had to start this post with Ryder's "ketchup" video. I will also never take for granted:

  • having to go to my son every hour to put him back to sleep
  • sleeping with my oldest instead of my husband cuz he won't sleep on his own
  • snuggling up with my daughter on the couch when she's sick and/or tired
  • watching my son want his twin sisters pink chair instead of his own spider man one-and her being ok with that cuz she'd rather have spider man
  • stepping on crumbs in bare feet
  • the kids pulling all the movies off the shelf
  • watching the twins fight over toys
  • wiping their tears when they're hurt
  • having to give Ryder a time out for hitting his sister

Much love to you Tricia, Nate and Gwen.


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