First of all: blogs, blogs and more blogs! I wish I had more time in the day to just sit and read blogs! I love getting a peak into others lives. Their beliefs, their daily activities, just them. It's interesting to me, but I just don't have the time to read everything I want. I keep bookmarking them but I don't always get to them.

Well a new I have stumbled upon is : 4tunate. The are a family with quadruplet boys! This is exciting to me becuz having twins myself I know its tricky, but have 4, wow! You guys rock!! The topic over there has been names-choosing names, rules for choosing names, etc. So I thought it might be fun to play along and share.

With both pregnancies we didn't find out what we were having, we went for the surprise. That meant we had to come up with a boy and a girl name. Well, girl names-no problem! We had so many we had a hard time choosing just one. Boy names, well that was another story. We could not agree on a boys name-nothing. We both had a feeling it would be a boy so when I went into labour 3 weeks early we figured we better pick something. We of course had been throwing names around for months but nothing that we both really liked.

So during the day, waiting to go back to the hospital, Garry brings up the name Cooper. I like this name, and funny enough I had actually brought it up TO HIM a couple months before and he wasn't crazy about it. Go figure. So we decided on Cooper and as soon as we seen him we knew it was the right name. Garry likes to take credit for it, but I know I thought of it first!!

His middle name was easy, it's Kenneth after my daddy. I also wanted a second middle name to be Grant after Garry's dad but I let everyone talk me out of it and I wish I hadn't.

So he is Cooper Kenneth, but in my heart he is Cooper Kenneth Grant.

I'll save the twins for tomorrow, it will give me something to write about.


The Murray Crew said…
Grant was one on our list as well! Thanks for playing along. I LOVE your story and look forward to reading more....
Jen and The Crew

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