There's a bright side?

I must admit I've never been a person that finds the good part of a situation. Bad, bad, bad. I always find the bad. My mom, who I love dearly, has taught me how to worry. If we were late we must be dead in a ditch, and that thinking passed on to me. It used to drive me crazy when she did it, and now it drives my husband crazy when I do it.

I think I've gotten better, I don't freak out quite as easily as I used to-at least not over the really simple things. But cancer isn't simple. Cancer isn't something I can just put aside.

My aunts cancer is back. She's been fighting it for a while, and fighting it hard. She was doing ok but at her last appointment they found it has returned and she went for tests last week to see how bad it is.

Then yesterday I found out one of my good friends may have cancer. I'm absolutely freaking out. People keep telling me not worry and keep positive thoughts up, and I really am trying. I'm trying becuz the thought of her actually having cancer is too scary to think of, when my mind goes there I just want to shut down.

If anyone is out there, please think some good thoughts.


Venus said…
Thinking good thoughts for you. And I am the same way. Must be dead in a ditch. Or if not, you will be when I'm done with you.

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