Cherished moments.

There are days that my children drive me crazy. Anyone with kids knows this're tired, exhausted even, and you just want 5 minutes of peace! My twins Ryder and Jorja didn't have a good nap today so by 5pm they were tired and very cranky. By 6:15pm I was done listening to the whining so I said the magic word: bath. Yes this is a very powerful word in this household right now, they just L.O.V.E. their bath. I enjoyed my 40 or so minutes of happy twins by packing up the bathroom stuff (we're moving soon!) and just sitting. During this time Cooper played on the computer and also stayed out of my hair, truly a miracle.

And then it happened, it was time to pull the plug. Ryder: no problem. As soon as his hair gets wet he's ready to get out. Jorja: end of the world. During the past 2 weeks or so she has NOT wanted to get out of the tub! Even once all the water is gone and it's just her and a couple bubbles left she's happy just sitting there. So being that she was not in a good mood to begin with pulling her out of the tub was not fun. She cried when I pulled her out, she cried when I dried her off, she cried and squirmed when I put her diaper on...finally I got her to settle down by bribing her with a phone call to daddy at work. That worked! She said goodnite to dad, got on her jammies and then it was time to get into bed, and that's when any ounce of happiness, or even calmness, disappeared. She had a royal fit! Luckily Ryder layed down nicely, he was too exhausted to care what else was going on. I tried to snuggle with Jorja but she fought me to get up so I left the room and let her have her moment. About 30 seconds later it was quiet, you'd think that would be good but I knew it was too quick, and yep I heard the throwing start. She was taking the toys out of the toy box and throwing them on the floor so I went in and I sat down and made her sit with me until she calmed down. Oh holding her down to settle her is not fun but I knew it was the only way to calm her without her completely destroying her room. In about 5 minutes she took her soother and layed down. I cuddled up with her for a few seconds, she put her hand up my sleep (it's her 'thing') and snuggled in. I kissed her forehead and breathed in her lavender hair, I just wanted to crawl in and go to sleep with her. It's amazing how those small moments when everything is right can make you forget about the long moments of craziness that make you wanna pull out your hair!

She is now sleeping peacefully, looking angelic with the soft glow of her nite lite shining on her skin. The frustrating times of the day have fallen away and I'm left with the cherished moments. There are 2 other big things that make me forget those annoying times but I'll leave that for another post.


Leslie said…
What a doll..I hear ya i have sooo many days where i feel the same way!!!!! Breath,count to ten,maybe have a beer!! LOL Kids sometimes go through these crazy phases and it does pass!!! IT BETTER!

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