Sunday, September 28, 2008

A lot to be proud of

My last post was about how proud I was of my babes for doing so well in daycare. (they had a good 2 days after that as well) Today I am proud of my husband...well of course I'm proud of him every day but today my heart is captured again. Garry put on a hockey tournament this weekend to raise money for MS (multiple sclerosis). My mom was diagnosed in 2000 and has been fighting ever since.
Garry loves playing hockey, always has. He's played in different fun tournaments, ice hockey and roller hockey. Last year he decided he wanted to put on his own tournament but do it for a good cause-and for us that cause is MS. He did a great job. He got some great prizes, got help from others who got some great prizes, had spectacular jerzies made for his team, made sure he had all kinds of team prizes, had a good friend put on a dinner with partial procedes going to MS as well. Yes it's been stressfull, yes it's been hard work but it's all paid off this weekend. All the teams have had fun and I think most are looking forward to next year already! We don't know the final count on money raised but I'm sure it was pretty decent.
The kids even did well being at the arena half the day yesterday and Cooper made a new friend.

To my dear husband: Thank you. Thank you for all your hard work that nobody seen but me. Thank you for putting up with crabbiness when I was having a bad day and being a baby about not having more time with you. Thank you for putting together a weekend that will benefit my mother and many others dealing with this horrible disease. Thank you for loving me and being so wonderful.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One day down, 2 to go. I am so proud of my babies (ok, i know they're toddles, but they're still my babies) today. They went to daycare for the first time and they both did wonderful. I am so blessed that I have a job that can work around my husbands schedule so that one of us usually home with the children and we don't have to worry about daycare. This week and next is a little messed up and the kids have to do daycare a couple days and I am so thankful that they did well and had a good time.
Next week we need someone to actually come to the house for Friday afternoon/evening, we'll see how they do with someone else giving them dinner and putting them to bed!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I sit on the couch, slouched into the corner, laptop on my lap. Left foot planted on the floor, right foot stretched out resting gently on my husband's foot. He reads, I type. I hope the boys stay asleep. I hear the wind rattle the large windows on my right, I wonder if that's what is waking the boys up tonite or if it's just another normal 'non-sleeping' nite in our house.
I give thanx for my family, me three beautiful kids. I am blessed.