One day down, 2 to go. I am so proud of my babies (ok, i know they're toddles, but they're still my babies) today. They went to daycare for the first time and they both did wonderful. I am so blessed that I have a job that can work around my husbands schedule so that one of us usually home with the children and we don't have to worry about daycare. This week and next is a little messed up and the kids have to do daycare a couple days and I am so thankful that they did well and had a good time.
Next week we need someone to actually come to the house for Friday afternoon/evening, we'll see how they do with someone else giving them dinner and putting them to bed!


I can not imagine leaving my child in a daycare... I am sure that must be hard to do as a parent!! I know you said that the kiddos did well but it sounds like you did too! Hats off to you for being able to be strong enough for them that they transition easily to the daycare on days they go!

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