There is some pain, some hurt that doesn't go away. It just seems to sit there. When it first happens it fills your whole body, you tingle, your stomach is in knots, your legs don't feel like they can even move. You want to just curl up in ball and forget that you even exist. But you can't, you've got children to look after and job to go to cuz you have bills to pay. So you get up, you manage to put one foot in front of the other and move thru your day. It's like your numb and not feeling anything. At least until another blow hits and then someone you feel worse than before, even tho you didn't think that was possible. Paint a smile on your face, pretend everything ok. When you're along you can let it all out, cry yourself to sleep, wonder how you let yourself get to this point in life. Why don't you feel like you deserve better. Your kids, they are your light, the bright part of every day.
So get up, put one foot in front of the other, try to feel better until something else hits, cuz it's only a matter of time.


Mom on a coulee said…
So True!!! It doesn't ever matter just pray to make it through whatever is coming next because something is always coming.

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