I think I've come up with a tattoo design for my daughter's memory. Still considering, not sure about the clover... Also, the feet themselves I want tattooed in the actual size that her feet were which was the size of the tip of my pinky.


Sweet Momma said…
Love the idea of your tattoo!
When are you planning on getting it done?
Busy Momma said…
I'm not soon as I have the money I hope!
Mike L. said…
i followed your link here from
chris' post at gitw. i am an old friend of chris'. i love your tattoo idea. i too have a footprint of my son on my wrist. actual size. i just wanted to make a recommendation to you as far as the actual tattoo. i don't know how tattoo savey you are, so forgive me if i am telling you stuff you already know...but a tattoo will spread out over time...not a ton, but it will "leak" a bit over the years. now, this is not that big of a deal with most designs...but with something like a footprint that you want to stay the same forever, especially with tiny precious footprints like the ones you are getting definatly don't want anything to spread. what i had done was, instead of tatooing the outline in black, it was done in what is called "graywash"..essentially watered down black, then the footprint filled in with black. if you look really close, you can see a slightly faded outline, but from 2 feet or farther away, you have now idea that it's different. what will happen, over time, is that the graywash will stay put, it isn't dark enough to spread out, and the black from the fill in color will spread underneath the gray, which will preserve it's actual shape forever. each footprint is so unique, and you want to keep those little unique peaks and lines intact forever. a good tatoo artist should be familiar with this technique...i hope this helps
Busy Momma said…
thanx for the info Mike. I have had it done already actually and i was told that it would spread and change some over time...that is ok. i do not have the actual footprints of my daughter so this was not a huge deal to me, it was more the actual sizing itself. thank you very much for the info tho, that's good to know!

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