I am definately ready to have this baby. I've been ready for weeks. Everyone keeps asking how I'm doing and telling me to be will happen when baby is ready. Easier said than done. I know everyone means well but it's very hard for me to sit back and wait. I want this baby here in my arms where I can SEE her and know she's ok. I want to count her fingers and toes and watch her sleep. Most of all I want to look at her face until I can't keep my eyes open any longer, and stroke her head.

When you have lost a baby it adds a whole new level of fear and longing to have your baby here with you. I had an ultra sound at almost 20 weeks and I haven't 'seen' her since. I can feel her and I get to hear her heart beatin at my appointments, both of those things are wonderful...but it's not the same as having her here in my arms to KNOW she's ok. Bad things can happen at any time, I know that just becuz she is in my arms doesn't mean I can protect her from all the bad thing in this world, but I can sure try!


Jaime said…
What a beautiful belly!!

margaret said…
I'm so excited for you Amanda...can't wait to hear your daughter is here and in your arms!!!
crystal theresa said…
that belly is beautiful. happy mother's day, amanda! i am thinking of you, ireland, and your rainbow baby.

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