I'm trying to get better at blogging. I'm usually so tired...well, lazy...that I do facebook and that's it. But I won this lovely pre-made blog design by Fran at Small Bird Studios (found here check her out if you haven't before, she is amazing) so I want this space to be used since it is OH SO pretty now!

Anyway, on to my post...
Signs. I think sometimes I look too hard for them. I want to know so badly that Ireland is still with me on some level -any level- that I search too hard, and then I wonder if it's really a sign or just something that I want to think is a sign. Ugh. However on Tuesday at work I had a co worker point out a customers keychain that was a clover that said Ireland on it as well as a sheep with a 'luck' saying of some sort. It was very similar to a keychain I bought that reminds me of my baby girl. This I just must believe was sent from my girl. I asked the woman where she got the keychain and she said "it came from Ireland". Even my co worker said she was sending us a hello on a bad day.
Then yesterday I was stuck behind a truck while on a 30 minute drive. It wasn't until about half way to our destination that I realized the truck had a clover on the back of it...again, thank you baby girl.

I just need to remember to step back and let life happen. She will come to me when I need her to.


Jolene said…
My son passed away almost 2 months ago and I try to find signs that he is still with me too. Usually though, it's when I'm having a bad day and feeling really sad that I'll get a sign from him when I'm not expecting one.

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