} Swirling {

  So many thoughts swirling in my head.  My husband and I are dealing with issues.  We are living with my parents while we figure out work and a place to live, so Garry and I plus 4 children living with 2 other adults.  We only have one room for us all, squishy.  I must say tho, my parents have been wonderful.  My mom usually gets them breakfast, giving me a bit of break.
  Garry has work, there's just not much of it yet.  He's doing flagging (traffic control), but he's at the bottom of the list so it's just waiting it out until he can climb up the ladder to full time.
  Now I have to decide if I try to find work, which means daycare for Scarlet and possibly daycare the other kids depending on what kind of hours I find at a job.  Or do I go back to school to look at something different. I've been contemplating doing a counselling course,  specifically grief counselling.  I would love to find a way to give back to others going thru grief, mainly parents who've lost children.  I still want to do my photography and focus on doing that as much as I can becuz I really do love it.   I still want to get involved in the hospital in some way to help parents deal with losing a baby, at any stage in pregnancy.  I still have issues holding me back from looking into this as I don't know if I'm ready to go thru the steps that it will take for that.  Some day I know I will, I just need to work myself up to that.

  My mind is still failing me.  My memory seems to be non-existent.  I can't remember the simplest thing, even if I write them down.  My medication is crap, but it's free so can't really complain much at this point.

  I'm hoping in the next month things will work themselves out somewhat and we can find a place to be home for now and get settled into this new life.


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